BrochBrit @ Barleywood

Pamela and Simon have owned and worked Brittanys since 2003. We also belong to “The Brittany Club of Great Britain”.

People say HPR’s (Hunt, Point & Retrieve) cannot retrieve, but that is certainly not true of the Brittanys I know.!

This Breed of dog will hunt all day and more if you want it to. They have great nose. I work all of our Brittany’s together when I am out shooting, stalking , rough shooting, duck and goose flighting. They sit well in a hide waiting for the evening duck flight to arrive.

They are fantastic pets and have a good temperament.

We live in Aberdeenshire just outside a little village called Memsie, in an old farm house. Which is over a 100 years old.

Simon & Pamela are passionate about Brittanys

We are Kennel Club accredited breeders,

We became BrochBrit in August 2012.